School Outing to Maiden Castle Sport Centre Durham

School Outing to Maiden Castle Sport Centre Durham


Earlier this week I helped out on the school outing to Maiden Castle Sport Centre in Durham.  What great day it was and it also didn't rain which was a bonus!

Depending upon the age group, the children's activities included rounders, American Football, golf, athletics, frisbee, basketball, cheer-leading and Bokwa*.  What a great way to try out new and familar sports.  The group I was with tried cheer-leading in the morning and Bokwa in the afternoon.  I tried to keep up with the 8 year olds!  The girls enjoyed the cheer-leading but both boys and girls loved the Bokwa especially as they they did a few Gangnam styles moves as well.  Unsure what the people taking their dogs for a walk along the riverbank thought of the day's activities!

The kids loved the whole trip including the bus ride, sports and their pack lunches. 

I enjoyed the day  .. and I slept really well that night! Must have been all the fresh air and sport activities!


 *Bokwa is a dance crazy, invented by a South African living in America and if you know your letters and numbers and you can dance, then you can do it!  It also is demonstrated with the American sign language so in theory it's easy to follow!


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