That's not a toy puppy it's a pencil!  Silly me!

That's not a toy puppy it's a pencil! Silly me!


Recently after school we went out for a hot chocolate at Starbucks (Next) at the Team Valley Retail World with my kids. 

We only took one toy between them so 7 yr old played with his toy car and 5 yr old pretended the coffee stick stirer was a thin puppy called Happy ... my idea and it worked as both kids played with their "toys" and loved the hot chocolate.  We took the pretend stick puppy home with us as they wanted to continue to play in the car.

The following morning, my 5 yr old was upset as she had lost her toy stick.  I said don't worry, we'll pretend this pencil is the toy stick dog.  "Mummy don't be silly that's just a pencil!  I have my toy car and pencil here" said 5 yr old and went back to play with her brother!

Apparently some of Mummy's ideas are good and some are silly!


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