Our guests r excited about Xmas @Beamish_Museum

Our guests r excited about Xmas @Beamish_Museum


Guests booked one of our self catering cottages last week for Christmas at Beamish Museum which starts on 19 November and they are really looking forward to it.  They have a 6 & 9 year old .... Chatting to them on the phone I don't know who's more excited about going, the adults or the children!   They haven't been to Beamish so this will be a double wow visit for them!  We may even bump into them as we will be going to Beamish Museum ourselves several times before Xmas!

More information on Christmas at Beamish Museum can be found on:


To book our B&B or self catering cottages, please email stay@lowurpeth.co.uk or call us on 0191 410 2901.

Is it too early to wish you a magical Xmas.. probably!




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